Ani Lopez
Sr. Measurement Strategist

Some of the companies I've helped

Google Cloud

Electronic Arts

Unity Technologies

VMware Cloud

Juniper Networks




Planned Parenthood


Smithsonian Institution

Agencies I have collaborated with

Cardinal Path

Analytics Demystified

Analytics Pros

Bancroft Digital

I began coding HTML around 1997 when the Internet started to be something in Spain. Then in 2000 I learned XML, XSL, PHP and MYSql to code dynamic WAP ("the year of mobile" they said!) and websites when popular CMSs like Drupal, Typepad, WordPress and such were in diapers or not yet born.

With some more years and experience under my belt I found myself managing web projects for agencies or my own clients. When I had enough of that, 2007, I jumped into the enterprise, multilingual SEO wagon but due to my technical background, I was the one always designated to implement analytics tools like Google Analytics right since it became available early 2006 and that's when I started caring about "data".

It seems I'm always looking for challenges so in October 2009 I moved to Vancouver, Canada, where I joined VKI Studios, a well known digital measurement agency that eventually morphed into Cardinal Path by merging with two more companies.

Although most of my work there was still revolving around SEO, analytics and visualisation were taking over my professional heart so I decided to become a former SEO and focus full time on data matters.

In September 2012 I moved to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? looking for the kind of in-house experience agencies don't provide. For almost a year I created a complete measurement strategy and tried to implement it. That's when I learned that the most important component of any successful strategy is not anything technical but people.

In August 2013 I decided to incorporate my company Ani Lopez Consulting Inc. My first client turned out to be Electronic Arts Canada where I started leading the project to migrate from SiteCatalyst to Google Analytics Premium using Tealium Tag Manager and ended up putting together a department dedicated to web analytics.

Since then I've been collaborating with several relevant agencies in the measurement space, providing services to their clients as well as my own.

Besides that, what I enjoy most is cooking for friends (I should have opened a restaurant!) as an excuse to have long conversations around a table sparked with good coffee and drinks.

Learning to be Canadian, Torontonian lately, discovering, embracing the local culture and outdoors as much as possible while importing some fantastic Mediterranean habits that are very welcome here at the Great White North.

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I would love to know what are the problems preventing your organisation from getting value out of its data.

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